About Lovelady Shield

Country House Hotel

Guests always ask

Where did the name Lovelady Shield come from?

Some say there was a 13th century religious order here on the site and that the name has been derived from “For The Love of Our Lady.”

Others say the house was built by a gentleman “For The Love of his Lady”.

Shield derives from the Scottish word Shieling meaning land where sheep graze – referred to in WH Auden’s poem Amor Loci:

I could draw its map by heart,
showing its contours,
strata and vegetation
name every height,
small burn and lonely sheiling…

WH Auden: Amor Loci

WH Auden was inspired to write many of his poems by the natural beauty of this area.

What makes a country house hotel ?

Each of us may have our own ideas, but a true country house hotel should have the feel of coming into a home rather than an hotel and as their name implies, should be set in a quiet rural setting.

Our view is exactly that.  If you have been disappointed at the impersonal and faceless hotels which pride themselves on their 4 and 5 star ratings you will find Lovelady Shield a refreshing change. We care about our guests, we want you to enjoy your stay with us, we want you to be comfortable, we want you to enjoy good food prepared by a chef who cares about his craft and most of all we want you to relax and be at peace with yourself.

In other words we want you to feel at home in our home.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lovelady Shield.